Planet Esourds

We as a rehab clinic aim to provide clients or patient
with a private and safe environment

Our Goal

Rehabs are always looked down and people prefer taking self-helps these days. But, we suggest you visit us and then think twice if you value your life much than anything else, we are at your service.

We as a rehab clinic aim to provide clients or patient with a private and safe environment, where they have the opportunity to identify the changes within themselves.

Our goals are:

  • To provide a safe and healthy detox
  • Providing therapeutic program for recovery
  • To maintain high standards of professional care in the field
  • To encourage the patients to take responsibility in implementing and developing their own care plan, keeping their status in mind.
  • We Encourage patients to be responsible for their quality of life, allowing them to take responsibility for their behaviours and habits that shape them
  • To give them new activities to keep them busy and occupied away from their regular life ruining habits
  • To create a lasting network of supportive people whom the patient can rely on at any point in time.

To achieve these goals we have a set of principles and values which become our foundation:

  • Giving privacy to every patient
  • Treating them with great dignity
  • Giving them ample choices to choose from, rather than strictly leaving them with no choice
  • Assuring them of safety
  • Helping them realise their worth and potentials
  • Treating everyone equally with great respect and encouraging a diversifying environment

These are aimed at making the individual appreciate the value of a life well and allow them to reach a healthy mind and body and create a happy life for themselves and others with them. encouraging them to take part in all the activities and appreciating their participation provides a healthy environment for patients to think life as a well-deserved gift and to shape it the way they desire, giving them another chance to live life.

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